Main Congress programs 

In National Conference on Architecture, Civil Engineering, Urban Development and Horizons of Islamic Art in the Second Step Statement of the Revolution as the biggest, most valid and most disciplined annual scientific, research and executive gathering in civil, architecture, urbanization and environment in the Middle east in Iran and Tabriz Islamic Art University, several programs are considered in reaching the conference goals.  The whole efforts of supreme council, policy makers and executers of this conference are that all the participants use their precious moments. Not only the exploitation of conference time, but also the effective relation after holding the conference in order to continue this international movement and implement conference applied results is the objectives of holding this conference.

Following some programs of conference are announced:

  • Participating of more than 3500 persons of activists in civil, architecture, urban development environment of world including academics, experts, policy makers, directors, university students, related and competent organizations, consulting engineers, specialists and contractors
  • Speech of domestic and foreign experts and professors and holding specialized panels
  • Explaining comprehensive map in urban sustainable development
  • Key speeches and scientific meetings
  • Presenting accepted superior papers (oral and poster)
  • Attendance and presentation of higher rank authorities as supporters of this gathering
  • Side specialized fair for introducing related companies and business, introducing the products and services
  • Localizing experiences of modern world countries in urban sustainable development
  • Specialized educational workshop
  • Photography competition in conference axes 
  • Official invitation from all managing directors of related governmental organizations and private sector
  • Holding specialized-scientific meetings to study the challenges and opportunities related to conference axes
  • Selecting the best of conference including the best paper, the best specialized panel, the best participant, the best sponsor, the best booth, etc.
  • Specialized and sightseeing tours
  • Holding press and news conference one month and two weeks before holding the conference and specialized fair in order to cover this important international event
  • Separate specialized panels related to civil, architecture, urbanization and environment

Important Dates