Benefits of attending in congress and congress services 

This Congress was held as per certified permit No. 99200-19626 issued by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and is supported by that Ministry, all universities and affiliated organizations.


  • - Reviewing of sent papers and publishing accepted papers in the proceedings of conference and also full publishing of papers in conference CD.
  • - Free Publishing all selected conference papers without reviewing in scientific authentic research and specialized and ISI, ISC supporting journals of conference
  • - Partnership of more than 100 universities, institutes, assemblies, research centers and companies
  • - Registering of interested ones for participating in conference in different types
  • - Granting conference pack including proceeding, CD of full papers, conference gifts, sponsors, etc.
  • - Granting Statuette and letter of appreciation of conference
  • - Indexing and publishing papers at proceeding and CD of conference papers, CIVILICA, Consortium of national content, SID, ISC and authentic international organs
  • - Possibility of participating and registering in conference in two types of attendance and non-attendance
  • - Issuing international certificate from well-known academies of world
  • - Granting international certificates of conference in Persian and English
  • - Reviewing sent photos to photography competition and publishing accepted photos
  • - Providing diverse services for conference financial and spiritual sponsors (it is stipulated in menu of supporting and cooperation in conference)
  • - Participating in specialized and sightseeing tours
  • - Benefiting from facilities of conference sponsors
  • - Granting cash valuable rewards to 10 top papers
  • - Full covering of conference and specialized fair by TV and radio and news
  • - Giving international certificate of attending and paper presentation for presenters and participants without paper
  • - Giving international 24-hour educational certificate for all participants (having point for engineers)
  • - Giving international certificate of accepting, publishing for owners of accepted photos in related competitions
  • - Holding specialized panels
  • - Continuous attendance of industry representative in conference
  • - Familiarizing with wise professors of country and world and hundreds of representatives, employers and organization in short time
  • - Possibility of interaction and cooperation among professors, experts, policy-makers, directors and the involved ones in civil, architecture, urban development and environment sectors of world.
  • - Most absorption of visitors from specialized fair from all over the world
  • - Advertisement campaign including diverse and vast audio-visual advertisement
  • - Possibility of holding press conference and interview for participants in introducing services, facilities and equipment
  • - Granting letter of appreciation and valuable prizes to top works
  • - Granting conference educational pack

All conference certificates hold security hologram and raised seal and specialized identification code which can be inquired at any time by mentioned code via system for certificate authenticity in conference site.

Important Dates